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Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Hot Cup of Chai

A single curl of steam curls up off of a cup of chai tea. You breathe in the spices and the warmth, hugging it close to your chest, and then you take that first sip… ahhh.

I love having a cup of tea. It gives me a reminder to take a few minutes to stop and breathe. Enjoying that simple moment in time reminds me to pay attention to the small things in life and not get caught up in my day-to-day worries.

In particular, a great cup of chai tea can truly make your entire body, mind, and soul relax. Those of you who have experienced it know what I mean. Once you begin drinking chai – assuming you like the mixture of its intense spices – then you are hooked. Just a whiff of those spices mingling together can get your attention from across a room.

Everyone has his or her favorite chai tea, and I want to share my three favorites with you.

1. Chocomaya Chai Tea from Chakra 4 Tea (pictured above)

This stuff is insanely delicious. It is chocolately and deeply spicy, with a kick from chipotle pepper. The mix of chocolate, chai, and chipotle will knock your socks off. If you don’t live in Pheonix, AZ where this fantastic restaurant and store is, then you can order the tea off of their website, linked above. It’s pricey at $3.50 an ounce, but it is definitely worth it for an occasional treat.

2. Stash Double Spice Chai

Talk about spicy! The moment this tea hits the hot water, you’ll have people coming in droves wondering what that delicious smell is. This is the kind of tea you want to sink into. Going for only $5.45 (30 tea bags) on their website, this is a cheap indulgence. You can also find it at almost any grocery store or health food store.

3. Indian Chai from Allann Brother’s

For those of you who like milder spices, this tea is the best! It’s a loose leaf chai that smells sweetly of spices without burning your nostrils. Allann Brother’s is a fantastic coffee company out of Oregon.

I hope I inspired you to make a big cup of chai and relax!

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