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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hot Summertime = Cool Raw Soups

The Vita-Mix has opened up a whole new world of simplicity and ease. We finally invested in one and couldn't be happier with what we've got in return: a powerful blender that we use to make an assortment of awesomeness every day.

One thing we've been making a lot of, during these drenchingly hot summer days, is raw soup. Cool, fresh, and light, these soups really hit the spot and cool the brow. I usually serve them alongside the ubiquitious kale salad. It makes for a filling, interesting, and light dinner. It's also hella nutritious.

Last night, we made Kristin Suzanne's Harvest Soup, served with a side of kale salad.

It was lovely. The soup was flavorful and filling. We topped it with some chopped tomato and the other half of our avocado. It has definitely earned a spot in our raw soup rotation now.

I highly suggest making some raw soup, even if you don't have the fantastic Vita-Mix. There are plenty of blender friendly recipes out there to experiment with.

I wanted to leave you with a few articles that I've found interesting this week:

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