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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vegan MOFO Indian Night!

Tonight I made Vegetable Korma. There are many ways to make Korma, and I've tried several of them. This is the best I've tried so far, though I messed with the recipe a little bit. I got the recipe from an awesome website for an Indian restaurant, where the owner posts recipes for the dishes they serve. It's fantastic! I've tried cooking several of the recipes, and I especially recommend trying the sweet saffron rice if you happen to feel the need to spend money on saffron (totally worth it). Below is the picture of the goodness:

I used different veggies so as to use whatever I had hanging around the house, and I definitely recommend putting an onion in there. I also would like to use coconut milk next time, blended with cashews instead of soy milk and corn starch, which I used according to the recipe.

Heather and I make some sort of Asian-influenced dish at least once a week. We love curries and dishes with plenty of flavor; and I'm kind of a carb-junkie so I dig anything I can put over rice (or pasta, but that's a different story). Seriously though, check out this site, check out Asian-inspired recipes, and definitely check out my stir-fry that we posted last week. These are dishes that are usually pretty healthy, delicious, and versatile. Most of them are pretty easy too. Enjoy!


  1. I hardly ever make curries but this looks yummo and it's such a great way to use up veggies.

  2. totally, we love to have fun with the different vegetable combinations, and we find that most of the time, it ends up really good... regardless of which veggies we use. Hope you try it! :)