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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Vegan Night Out - Boba House and Downtown

Once upon a time, in a tiny little city called Greensboro, two vegans went out to dinner at the only vegetarian restaurant in town...

Boba House

Brandon and I are deeply grateful for the existence of Boba House. Without it, we would be relegated to having date night at restaurants with only one or two sketchy vegan options. At Boba, we have many choices, plus the food is really good and the atmosphere is truly unique. Plus they have vegan desserts!

Since the University of North Carolina, Greensboro (UNCG) is located here, there are a lot of college kids downtown. Thank goodness for them! Without them, we wouldn't have the adorable artsy, downtown area that we have. And we definitely wouldn't have Boba House.

If you are looking for a great night out in Greensboro, start with Boba. I suggest starting with the Crispy Spring Rolls, then ordering the Eternal Bliss with "chicken" or "shrimp." Interesting side note: Boba makes all their own faux meats, so you are really getting something original and different. Finally, make sure you order the Kahlua Cake for dessert. You won't be disappointed.

Afterwards, see a movie at the historic Carolina Theater or catch a live play at the Triad Stage. Or you could just walk around downtown, check out all the lovely stores and numerous art galleries. There are antique stores, cute little shops, and places to grab a beer. You'll find plenty to keep you occupied downtown.

Greensboro is a small city, but it is a unique one and it has a lot to offer to the visiting vegan. If you find yourself in the area any time soon, make sure you stop at Boba House and enjoy all the city has to offer.

Until next time!

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